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How to Practice and See Results

As an athlete, I understand how caught up one can get in achieving a goal. It can often get frustrating and lead to a loss of motivation. This is why it is always a good idea to look back on where you came from. Although you haven’t reached your goal yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be proud and celebrate how far you’ve come! This is where tracking your progress can come in handy! 

Kid shooting a basketball in front of team

Going through the motions of shooting and ball-handling to “get it done” will never be enough. How should incorporate progress tracking into your practices? Using game-transferable skills is one of the quickest ways to see results and ensure the practices you are doing are helpful. 

Here are my top 5 ways to track your progress:

  1. Quality Reps: Be able to perform a skill for a certain amount of repetitions, i.e. shooting - Can I make 5 shots in a row? Ball-handling - Can I do a drive move, 10 times in a row? Set records and try to beat those records the next time. 

  2. Time: This can be used to measure results - how efficient and fast can you do a skill? Be mindful that doing these skills also needs to be done correctly. Don’t track sloppy moves due to going too fast. 

  3. Endurance: Can you perform a skill while in a fatigued state and still efficiently perform that skill?

  4. Offense to Defense: This might be the number one way to measure training results effectively. Can you perform a defensive skill and then an offensive skill right after? 

  5. Play More Games: Time to experiment, time to play, it’s time to try all the moves from training and put them to the test. How long can you play? Can you play both offensive and defense? 

This is the most important part of tracking. You need to track it! Get a journal, write down your goals and a timeline of where you want to be and how you are going to get there. Then record where you are starting according to the steps above and continue to track the progress. Look back at this journal when you are feeling defeated and need to see how far you have come.

Coach Ben

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