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The team

(more Team Member Bios coming soon)

Richard Peters - California State D1 University C

Jacob Goski - George Brown College SF

Miya Williams - Loyola D1 University USA Chicago PG/SG

Daven Stowe - Community Outreach Leader for "Stolen From Africa Basketball Program" PF

Alexa Stucke - York University SF

Doretta Tang - George Brown College SF

David Nkemitag -Seneca College PG

Aicha Diaby - SMLS PG ( 4 time CISAA Champion)

Emily McMinn - SMLS PF/C (2 time CISAA Champion)

Ben Mills - Centennial College SF/SF

"Without our team , AlevelUP Basketball training would not be where we are or able to overcome, or deliver exceptional programming. The team is packed with exceptional leaders, who have a passion for youth skill development and display exemplary character. These individuals come together and rise to above level standards and actions to take this company and all athlete's AlevelUP! I am truly grateful and privileged to work along side these extraordinary people."

Coach Ben Mills

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