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It's Now or Never

Like the title above, many quotes and encouraging jump-start statements can be viewed as an uplifting take-action quotes. Meant for motivation and inspiration. But statements like this can have the opposite effect, they lead to making mistakes or unnecessary anxiety from players and coaches.

"I've been so good by being good over a long period of time." - John Elway

I truly believe the calmer the athlete the better the player and decision maker. Basketball is about making good decisions, assessing the situation, making a play based on a quick analysis, and confidently running a set offence to achieve a desired outcome. Having anxiety over added unnecessary pressure won’t achieve this.

Calm, cool, and collective wins every time on the court, which is why we practice. Consistent repetition in a particular skill yields results, when it comes to execution. A player’s consistency is noticed by their effortless plays.

Let’s try to keep any unnecessary pressures to a minimum in sports, we should be encouraging our young athletes to take it one day at a time, one game at a time, one play at a time.

-Coach Ben

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