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Your Word: Negotiation - Kobe Bryant Inspiration

The late and great Kobe Bryant once said:

“I’m in the off-season and plan to return stronger and better next year. There is no negotiating, no matter how hard, or if I have made the regiment harder than expected, there is no negotiating. The plan is the plan, and I keep my word.”

Kobe Bryant during a game for the lakers

This quote is always in the back of my mind, and I use it on days I’m feeling less than motivated. The greatest player in the new generation of kids (aside from LeBron James), declares he keeps his word. Bryant even though is unfortunately no longer with us, still stands as an amazing role model for our youth.

No negotiating the plan once an agreement is made, whether it’s a contract or personal commitment. We see the direct result of this mindset through his career, 5 NBA championships, and he was notarized in the top 3 players of all time (scoring-wise).

The Mamba (Kobe) is just one example of great leaders and role models staying true to their word. I truly believe your word is your bond, and I believe this is something we need to instill in future generations. Teaching our young athletes the meaning of their word, and the significance of honouring commitments will teach them respect, integrity and accountability. I have seen our youth persevering with these kinds of life coaching and will continue to help instill these values in them. These are traits all great players should have.

So let’s take this opportunity and figure out our athlete’s goals for 2024, and help them stick to their word and achieve those goals. Let’s hold them to their word, and let’s watch them achieve higher heights.

Coach Ben

P.S. If you or your athlete are interested in learning more about Kobe Bryant and his plays, values, and way of thinking a great read is “The Mamba Mentality: How I Play”

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