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Energy is Non-Negotiable

It is always easy to tell when something has a child’s interest. Even a simple new toy, they never go anywhere without it, probably sleep with it, they’re inseparable. The same can be said for an athlete’s energy, enthusiasm and passion towards their main sport. Coaches normally don’t question energy during the 4-9-year-old age groups (actually we spend a lot of time trying to calm down the amount of energy these athletes display). But as athletes continue to grow up, we notice one of two things happen. 

The moment you give up, is the moment you let someone else win. - Kobe Bryant

Energtic kids playing basketball

1. They commit themselves fully to the sport and bring it their all in every lesson/game/session. 

2. The energy is dying and the effort put in is lacking. 

Can energy be fake? Yes, it can! It might be hard to notice energy falling or loss of passion because kids are good at hiding things. Here is a small list of ways to notice your athlete’s energy for the game is starting to falter. 

  • Talking while coaches are talking

  • Running to the water fountain instead of having your water bottle in the gym (consistently unprepared for sessions)

  • Trying to steal the ball and missing the timing of the interception

  • Boxing out but giving up an offensive rebound

  • Missing a line on a sprint drill

  • Practicing without focus or benchmarks for instant feedback

  • Half-hearted screens/picks on or off the ball

  • Arguing with referees/officials

  • Studying at the last hour before the test

  • Running late consistently

Energy + Execution = Excellence.

The formula sounds simple and it can be... if applied. 

Energy is non-negotiable if athletes want to reach the next level.

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