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Setbacks are the greatest catalyst towards success.

Coach Ben… You can’t be serious. Setbacks, losing, coming up short of my goals, being left behind,etc is the worst! 

The comeback is always bigger than the setback
Kid shooting a basketball at the net

It is the worst feeling, and it’s okay to not like that feeling. I know it sucks… But isn’t the comeback an ever better feeling? Superstars have learnt and realized that losing is actually a part of winning when you look at the bigger picture. When you lose you refocus, adjust, revisit, and make leaps, because you know exactly what doesn’t work. If you persist, you will find a solution to the problem. And be a better athlete/person for it.

I ALWAYS say getting your shot rejected is the BEST teaching tool to realize:

  1. I need a quicker release

  2. I need to shoot higher

  3. I need to build strength to power up

  4. I need to be aware more of my defenders

The list goes on and on. After discovering what you need to fix, you focus on HOW to fix it. What do I need to do to get those goals?

  1. I need to work on my speed

  2. I need to work on my height and focus on training my arm strength more

  3. I need to change my workouts to adjust to my new goals

  4. My self-awareness needs some work, and I need to actively remember to keep an eye out

Once athletes figure it out and notice the progress they make it will feel amazing. The reward for fixing a setback or breaking through a barrier is much more than the reward for doing something perfectly the first time. The snowball to success starts slowly but once it picks up it can’t be stopped. 

Setbacks are great teachers if athletes are willing to stay in the class.

Coach Ben

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