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The Ultimate Basketball Wishlist for the Holidays

Ho, Ho, Ho!

The holidays are here! And so is the dreaded question what should I get my child this year?

I have made it easier for you this year, I have made the ultimate basketball wishlist! What does the basketball parent get their kids as a gift for the holiday season? Find out below.

An ornament that looks like a basketball hanging on a christmas tree.

If I could go back in time and choose products that would significantly help me improve my game it would be the following:

  1. The Book: Stuff Good Players Should Know: Dick Devenzio Click Here

  2. The Book: Relentless: Tim Grover - Click Here

  3. Basketball balls

  4. WilsonX Connected Basketball: Track your drills and shots through an app - Click Here

  5. A Basketball net - Click Here

  6. Sports comfortable clothing

  7. ALevelUp At Home Video Program: specific program to work on your skills at home - Click Here

  8. PushUp Board from Amazon: 100+ push variations - Click Here

  9. Basketball ball shoes

  10. Movie: NBA Bulls Dynasty 1990 Video Series - Click Here

  11. Veritmax jump board - Click Here

  12. Shooting Gun - Click Here

  13. Every Video of Kyrie Erving Handles

  14. Kobe Bryant Posters - Click Here

All of these items help train your athlete whether it is through mental or physical training. These products come with a range of price points big and small enough to fit any budget! Need more help? Send me a message in our whatsapp community!

Keep in mind the best gift of all is showing up for your child and supporting them in life and in basketball.

Happy Holidays!

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