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Welcome to "Raise Your Game" a blog by ALevelUp!

Meet Coach Ben!

What can I say about myself that you can’t already read on the website bio about Coach Ben? I can tell you about my passion, to give you a better sense of who I am!

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Eat Sleep Basketball Repeat.

As a youth basketball trainer, I am passionate about the sport and all it entails. Growing up I played basketball morning, noon, and night but did not have the opportunity to attend basketball training programs. However, I seized every opportunity to play basketball games. As a young player, I had to get creative to excel as a scorer and teach myself new moves by watching my favourite players like Jordan, Iverson, Kobe and also players in the NCAA. I would study their moves and then practice those moves for hours afterward! I would try to use the same moves the next game, at the next pick-up game, or rep practice/game all the way through high school and college.

ComeBack Mindset

Basketball for me was life. However, injuries do happen, but my comeback mindset was stronger than my injury mindset. I focused on what I could do instead of what I couldn't do. It turned a 6'3 offensive athletic player into a more detailed and strategic player. I refined my moves and learned the importance of patience. Now, I bring the same level of confidence to all the kids I train. Making sure they have the basketball fundamentals first and can execute them at a high level.

Why Coaching?

Why do I do this? It's my passion to see kids physically and mentally strong and use the skills/life lessons found within basketball in their everyday lives. It's my job to do what other team coaches won’t and that's to teach skills necessary to succeed in the game and in life.

Our job as trainers is to ensure coaches can effectively do their job at their best. Coaches need not worry about if kids can make layups, handle the ball under pressure, or shoot the 3-pointer. This is a job I gladly will help your kids with, not to mention all ALevelUp athletes must have great character. Players and coaches are always people first, profession second.

I look forward to working with all the new faces I see come through ALevelUp Basketball Training. There is always A-LEVEL-UP to reach success, that's what makes it so much fun.

-Coach Ben

Thank you so much for reading our first blog! Come back to see tips, and resources for not only your athletes but parents too!

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